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Improving Heart Health with Better Nutrition

Home Care in Tulsa, OK

Home Care in Tulsa, OK – Reduce Your Senior Loved One’s Risk of Heart Disease with Dietary Improvements In these modern days, an increasing number of seniors are at risk of developing heart disease and other heart related problems. Some risk factors that may affect your loved ones are high blood pressure, obesity, high cholesterol, smoking or type 2 diabetes….

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Helping to Fight Loneliness and Boredom in Seniors

Elder Care in Broken Arrow, OK

Elder Care in Broken Arrow, OK – Having Companionship on a Regular Basis Can be a Big Step Toward Reducing Elderly Loneliness For many older adults, aging can be a tremendous transition as those around them move away or even pass away. Holidays and even birthdays can often be difficult for older loved ones because the…

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3 Ways to Prepare for a Potential Emergency Situation

Home Care Services in Tulsa, OK

Home Care Services in Tulsa, OK – These Simple Steps can Reduce Crucial Reaction Time During an Emergency Are you prepared for any emergency situation that might occur? If not, it may be time to think about making preparations. There are numerous ways that you can go about getting more prepared for emergency situations, and…

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It’s Not Too Late to Consider In-Home Care for the Holidays

Caregivers in Tulsa, OK

Family Caregivers in Tulsa, OK – Reduce Your Stress Level by Bringing in Some Professional Help The holiday season is upon us. Christmas is just a matter of days away, Hanukkah is already in full bloom, and winter break for children is almost here. While it may seem that the year flew by, it’s not too…

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Popular and Helpful Books for Family Caregivers

Elder Care in Tulsa, OK

Elder Care in Tulsa, OK – These 3 Titles Offer an Understanding of the Challeneges Caregivers Face Family caregivers have an important and sometimes difficult job. Caring for another person can bring about feelings of joy and satisfaction but also stress and anger. It’s not a simple task feeling responsible for the well-being of another and it’s imperative…

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Alzheimer’s Care – Get Those Leafy Greens!

elder care tulsa ok

For your aging loved one with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, their diet is probably prepared by someone else. Making sure they are getting enough nutrients can be tricky, given their unique eating struggles. Try to incorporate as many servings of leafy green vegetables from the following list as you can.

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