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Laundry Tips for Family Caregivers

Family Caregivers in Jenks OK

Family Caregivers in Jenks OKFor elderly adults, living at home with the help of a family caregiver or referred caregiver can help them to feel more independent, more comfortable, and more connected to friends and family. However, when elderly adults suffer from chronic medical conditions like arthritis, diabetes, and dementia, it can be harder for them to do many tasks around the house. One of those tasks that often falls into the hands of the family caregiver is laundry. When schedules get hectic and days get busy, it is easy for family caregivers let the laundry fall by the wayside. Fortunately, following a few simple tips can help the chore of laundry become more efficient and easier to keep into your caregiving routine.Try a Homemade DetergentUsing a homemade detergent is great for family caregivers who want to save... Click to Read More

Family Caregiver Activities: DIY Heart-Shaped Bookmarks

Family Caregivers in Broken Arrow OK

Family Caregivers in Broken Arrow OKMaking crafts is a fantastic way to enhance your family caregiver journey with your aging parents. These activities are easily adaptable to whatever skills, abilities, and limitations that your seniors have, and allow them to express their creativity and imagination through something tangible. This particular craft is good for sensory stimulation as well as fine motor skills and cognitive processing.The added benefit of this craft is that it is something that your parents can share with the people they care about. For seniors who are dealing with challenges and limitations that they feel have taken away their ability to live the life that they are used to and are keeping them from fulfilling tasks that they want to do, making crafts is a way to put themselves into giving gifts or... Click to Read More

Family Caregiver Tips: Making Planning Your Summer Vacation a Fun Way to Warm Up Your Winter

Family Caregivers in Tulsa, OK

Family-Caregivers-in-Tulsa-OKBeing on a family caregiver journey can be stressful, particularly during the cold, dark winter months when your elderly loved ones are at higher risk of suffering from depression, anxiety, loneliness, isolation, and loss of motivation. Finding creative ways to break all of you out of the difficult emotions of these months and shake up your routine helps to keep your mental and emotional well-being in check so that you can protect your health and focus on your care efforts.One fantastic way to take some of the thaw out of your winter and get a boost for your mental and emotional health is to start planning your summer vacation with your seniors now. While it might seem like it is too early in the year to be thinking about the trips you might take several months... Click to Read More

Support Groups for Family Caregivers

Family Caregivers in Coweta, OK

Family-Caregivers-in-Coweta-OKDiscussing the stresses of your family caregiver role with family members and friends may help ease your stress level, but having the opportunity to talk to others in similar caregiving situations may be exactly what you need. Whatever your loved one's health condition is, no one understands what you go through on a daily basis like other family caregivers. If you are deciding if attending a support group is the right place for you to share your feelings, thoughts, and stories with others whose loved ones are receiving in-home care, here are some factors to take into consideration.Common excusesThere are thousands of family caregiver support groups nationwide, but many people are reluctant to attend and put all of their emotions on their sleeve for all to see. Many of these family caregivers are in need of... Click to Read More

Family Caregiver Tips: Dressing and Grooming Ideas for Seniors with Alzheimer’s Disease

Family Caregivers in Catoosa, OK

Family-Caregivers-in-Catoosa-OKIn the early stages of Alzheimer's disease, your loved one is probably still capable of doing most of their daily responsibilities by themselves. Once the disease progresses, it becomes increasingly difficult for them to communicate with you, take a bath by themselves, or even get dressed and take care of their grooming needs. Dressing and grooming are especially important for elders with Alzheimer's because it will help raise their self-esteem and make your loved one feel more confident. However, assisting them with these tasks can be an extremely frustrating experience for both the family caregiver and senior with Alzheimer's. To make dressing and grooming your loved one as stress-free as possible, here are some ideas that will help.Keep the closets free from clutter. If the elder sees too many clothing choices, it could leave them overwhelmed... Click to Read More

Family Caregiver Issues: Is Your Care Journey Impacting Your Career?

Family Caregivers in Glenpool, OK

Family-Caregivers-in-Glenpool-OKFor the many adult children, the decision to step into the role of being a family caregiver for their aging loved ones does not come along with being able to step away from all other responsibilities and obligations in order to take on these new roles. This means that when you chose to become a family caregiver, you were adding fulfilling your parents' needs to taking care of your children, maintaining your marriage, and managing your career. This can put a tremendous amount of stress on you and force you to make difficult decisions regarding where you will put your attention and energy on any given day. Sometimes this means not being able to put everything that you want to into one or more of your obligations, which often means feeling like you are not living up... Click to Read More

Caregiver Tips: How Early is Too Early to Start Planning for the Holidays?

Family Caregivers in Sand Springs, OK

Family Caregivers in Sand Springs, OKAs a family caregiver for your aging loved ones, one skill you have grown to know and love is planning. Planning ahead ensures you can schedule tasks and obligations to maximize the time you have available and makes it easier to get things into place so that your tasks, responsibilities, and events are smoother and less stressful. As the summer winds down, the fall comes in full force, and you are looking ahead to everything that the end of the year holds, however, you may be wondering just how far your planning should really go. How early, for instance, is too early to start planning for the holidays?For a family caregiver, the answer to that question is a resounding "never". The truth is, for a person whose life revolves around caring... Click to Read More

Caregiver Awareness: Recognizing Early Signs of Glaucoma

Caregivers in Owasso, OK

Caregivers in Owasso, OKAwareness and education are critical concepts when you are a family caregiver of an elderly adult. Making yourself aware of the health risks your elderly loved ones face, being able to detect those issues should they arise, and knowing how to handle them properly throughout your care journey, allows you to be the highest quality caregiver possible. One of the more common health concerns elderly adults face is glaucoma. This eye disease causes damage to the optic nerve, creating irreversible decline in vision. By detecting the symptoms early, however, you can take steps to prevent the condition from worsening and protect your aging loved ones' vision for the future.The thought of losing their vision is extremely stressful for many aging adults. With the loss of vision comes the loss of independence and... Click to Read More

Home Care Projects: Handmade Journal with Recycled Materials

Family Caregivers in Sapulpa, OK

Family Caregivers in Sapulpa OKDoing projects with referred caregiver is an exceptional way to enhance your aging loved ones' home care routine. Creative projects offer mental stimulation, encourage creative expression, and provide seniors with a sense of accomplishment and pride. Engaging in these projects together is also a wonderful way for your elderly parents and their referred caregiver to get to know each other and build their relationship through conversation, cooperation, and sharing.

This project is a handmade journal that utilizes a variety of recycled materials from around the home. Once complete, the journal offers a lovely place for your seniors to record their thoughts and experiences, or can act as a treasured and meaningful gift with an earth-friendly sentiment.

Start by making beautiful handmade paper out of sheets you already... Click to Read More

Getting a Fresh Start in Your Caregiver Relationship on Caregiver Mondays

Family Caregivers in Bixby, OK

Family Caregivers in Bixby, OKMonday has always been the traditional day to get started on new goals and resolutions. Whenever people want to accomplish something or dedicate themselves to a new effort, the first thought is, "I will get started on Monday." Starting on a Monday feels like a fresh start, a good starting point for accomplishing something so you can measure your progress as you move forward. Using this same tactic you can get a fresh start in your caregiver relationship and work toward improving your care efforts for your elderly loved ones.Family Caregiver Mondays are about making changes and taking steps to maintain a loving, nurturing relationship with your senior parents while also giving them the highest quality care and assistance. This helps them live the safe, healthy, and active lifestyle they deserve, while always... Click to Read More
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