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Tips for Being a Responsible Pet Owner for Seniors

Elder Care in Sand Springs OK

Elder Care in Sand Springs OKTips for being a responsible pet owner aren’t any different for seniors than for anyone else. But there are some uniquenesses which have to be taken into account. You will want to talk about these things with your aging parent and plan for the future. Here are a few details about pet ownership for seniors to remember:
  • Depending on the kind and age of the pet, it might outlive your parent. It’s important that the pet is provided for in a will or trust, with a pet caregiver or caregivers named. You might want to discuss this with an attorney who specializes in elder care law, as this is something they do all the time and can offer the best legal advice for caring for that pet in the event it outlives your... Click to Read More

April is Rosacea Awareness Month

Elder Care in Owasso OK

Elder Care in Owasso OKRosacea is a chronic skin disorder that affects at least 16 million people across the United States. Rosacea is a common disease, but it has no cure and it can be progressive if it is not treated. The month of April has been designated as rosacea Awareness Month to help the public learn more about this common, but sometimes confusing disease. During Rosacea Awareness Month, the emphasis is on spotting the signs of rosacea, early detection, and finding effective treatments. This month is a great time for caregivers of seniors and elderly adults to learn more about rosacea, so that they can identify it and seek treatments if needed.What is rosacea?Rosacea is a skin disorder that usually appears in adults over the age of 30. It causes facial redness and sometimes sore... Click to Read More

5 Tips for Buying Incontinence Gear for Your Loved One

Elder Care in Sapulpa OK

Elder Care in Sapulpa OKOne of the more embarrassing aspects of helping your elderly loved one deal with incontinence is to make that leap to buying incontinence products for her. Getting over the embarrassment is easy, though, because these products will make your loved one's life and your own far easier. Here are some things to look for when buying incontinence products.Check the AbsorbencyAlmost all incontinence products have some type of absorbency rating, but it might not mean a lot to you because there's no standard system. Products might be labeled "overnight" or "light," which doesn't really tell you how absorbent the product is. What that label does tell you is approximately what type of use the product is best suited for. Once you become accustomed to a specific manufacturer, it will be easier to pull... Click to Read More

4 Tips for Being There for Loved Ones When You’re Physically Far Away

Elder Care in Bixby, OK

Elder-Care-in-Bixby-OKSometimes you just can't physically be there for your elderly loved one. Your family and your career may be in one place while your loved one is in another. This doesn't mean that you can't provide the right level of care, however. With help and with technology and compassion, you can be an effective family caregiver even from a distance.Visit When You CanThe biggest way to be there is to be there for your loved one. If you can visit every other week, every other month, or even just a couple of times a year, make that happen. You can count on referred caregivers to update you, but there is no substitute at all for being physically in the presence of your elderly loved one. Make sure that you let your loved one know when you'll be visiting... Click to Read More

Elder Care Recipes: Ham and Cheese Breakfast Bake

Elder Care in Jenks, OK

Elder-Care-in-Jenks-OKGetting your day started with a high quality breakfast gives you the energy you need to take on the challenges of your elder care schedule, and keep your body strong and healthy. This breakfast bake offers the familiar nostalgic flavor of a ham and cheese sandwich with fantastic nutrition that will give you a boost of energy that will sustain you no matter what demands your day holds.This breakfast bake is perfect for preparing in the evening and slipping into your parents' refrigerator so that their referred caregiver can pop it into the oven first thing in the morning so that they can enjoy a hot, delicious, and sustaining breakfast together.What You Will Need
  • 2 tablespoons of chopped parsley
  • 2 tablespoons of grated Parmesan cheese
  • 2 small plum tomatoes
  • 1 and 1/2 cups of shredded Gruyere, Emmental, or Jarlsberg cheese
  • 4 ounces... Click to Read More

Sarcopenia and Seniors: What You Need to Know

Elder Care in Broken Arrow, OK

Elder-Care-in-Broken-Arrow-OKSarcopenia is muscle loss that is caused by aging. The process of muscle loss actually begins when people reach their 30s, but it usually doesn’t begin to negatively effect people until they are older than 65. In elderly adults, sarcopenia can cause weakness and increase the risk of falls and fractures. Read on for some useful information about sarcopenia, how it can affect the elderly, and what elderly adults can do about it.Symptoms of Sarcopenia:Muscle loss in the elderly commonly causes weakness and loss of stamina. These symptoms often lead to elderly adults becoming less and less physically active which actually can cause them to lose even more muscle. When elderly adults experience the symptoms of sarcopenia, they will be at a higher risk for falls and the injuries from these falls may be... Click to Read More

Elder Care Tips: Connecting with Seniors With Alzheimer’s Disease during the Holiday Season

Elder Care in Tulsa, OK

Elder-Care-in-Tulsa-OKHaving an aging loved one diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease or another form of dementia is one of the most challenging situations that you can encounter during an elder care journey. Even if your seniors only exhibit mild symptoms of the condition when they first receive their diagnosis, you know that this progressive disease will only get worse over time, taking from them more of their cognitive abilities and their memories. The thought of not only caring for seniors coping with these kinds of limitations, but watching as people who you love and cherish grow more distant and have a more difficult time dealing with all of the aspects of life can seem overwhelming.This challenge, however, does not have to mean that you can no longer experience meaningful times with your aging loved ones. Simply because they are... Click to Read More

Elder Care Recipes: Rich and Hearty Chicken Corn Chowder

Elder Care in Coweta, OK

Elder-Care-in-Coweta-OKFall is here, which means your elder care menu planning is probably turning to thoughts of warm, satisfying, comforting meals that let you cozy up away from the cooler weather and enjoy familiar flavors from your childhood. This recipe is for a rich and hearty chicken corn chowder that will satisfy all of the members of your family, from your aging parents to your finicky children. It contains both chicken and bacon, making it a protein powerhouse, as well as corn and potatoes that provide dietary fiber that supports fullness and healthy digestion.Since this meal feeds a huge crowd, consider dividing the batch so you can bring some to your parents to enjoy with their referred caregiver on a weeknight while also serving it to your children and partner for a delicious dinner after extra-curricular... Click to Read More

Innovative Elder Care: Amazing Uses for Vinegar Throughout Your Parents’ Home

Elder Care in Catoosa, OK

Elder Care in Catoosa, OKKeeping your aging parents' home clean, fresh, and healthy is an important part of the elder care efforts, but many of the commercial cleaning products available on the market contain potentially toxic and harmful chemicals that can be damaging to your skin, fatal if swallowed, and have harsh scents that can irritate your sinuses and cause headaches. These problems are often even worse for elderly adults who are more sensitive.Finding alternative products can help you save money and protect your aging parents, yourself, and the environment from potentially hazardous chemicals while still giving you the cleaning results you desire. One of the most powerful of these alternative products is vinegar. Simple, natural, and extremely inexpensive, vinegar is an amazing product that offers a huge array of benefits throughout the home. While the... Click to Read More

Elder Care Recipes: Fruity Indulgence for National Strawberry Sundae Day

Elder Care in Glenpool, OK

Elder Care in Glenpool, OKThere is nothing like an official excuse to indulge in a special treat, and it is even better when that special treat involves ingredients that are actually good for your loved ones. On July 7, indulge your aging parents while also giving them a serving of fresh fruit by celebrating National Strawberry Sundae Day together. This fun holiday is a great opportunity for you to relax, spend some quality time with your parents away from your usual elder care activities, and even invite friends, family, and their referred caregiver to join you for an old-fashioned ice cream social.It is easy to throw together a strawberry sundae using all store bought components, but you will get far better flavor, and better nutrition, by creating the star element of the sundae, the strawberry sauce,... Click to Read More
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