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How to Handle Shadowing with Your Loved One

Elderly Care in Catoosa OK

Elderly Care in Catoosa OKYou've got a list of things to accomplish today, and suddenly your elderly loved one is following you from room to room. What's the story? If she has dementia, then it's entirely possible that what she's doing is called shadowing. While it can be frustrating for you, shadowing is a signal to you that your loved one isn't feeling very confident or happy and needs a little bit of extra attention.What Is Shadowing?Shadowing happens when a loved one with dementia or Alzheimer's disease follows their caregivers or other loved ones around from one location to another. Some elderly loved ones accompany the shadowing with other behaviors, such as mimicking the behavior of the person they're shadowing. Your loved one might also become extremely anxious if he's not allowed to follow through with his... Click to Read More

Making Mealtime a More Enjoyable Part of Your Elderly Care Journey

Elderly Care in Owasso OK

Elderly Care in Owasso OKEating is a central element of most people's lives. You enjoy large meals on holidays. You snack while you are watching television or go to the movies. You indulge in desserts and treats on special occasions. For seniors, however, eating may become something that is more of a challenge than it is a pleasure. A large percentage of elderly adults deal with malnutrition on a regular basis. For many of these seniors the malnourishment is a result of not eating enough. This can occur due to many factors, but one especially common issue is simply that the senior does not enjoy eating and so he does not do it like he should.A senior who lives alone may not want to cook for himself or may not have ever cooked. He may not... Click to Read More

Elderly Care Tips: Getting Your Senior Active When She Does Not Love Exercise

Elderly Care in Glenpool OK

Elderly Care in Glenpool OKYou know that getting your senior physically active on a regular basis is an important part of your elderly care journey with her, but if she is reluctant to exercise, it can be one of the most frustrating as well. Staying physically active is a crucial part of maintaining a healthy weight, support heart health, warding off pain and stiffness associated with arthritis and other conditions, supporting healthy flexibility and range of motion, and keeping mental and emotional health high. For many seniors, however, exercise is not something that they enjoy, so as they get older and do not have schedules that are as full and busy as they were when they were younger, they gradually slip into sedentary lifestyles. In fact, according to the American Heart Association, as much as 80... Click to Read More

4 Tips for Helping Your Elderly Loved One to Become More Active

Elderly Care in Sand Springs, OK

Elderly-Care-in-Sand-Springs-OKYour loved one's doctor may have told you that it's time to get your loved one more active, but how can you do that? It can be tough, especially if your loved one doesn't particularly like exercise. Here are some tips that can help to make the job easier and even get your loved one on board with the idea. As always, you should consult with your elderly loved one's physician before beginning any exercise regimen to determine what is best for their particular situation.Patience Is So ImportantIn all of your dealings with your elderly loved one it's important that you hold onto your patience. It's especially important when you're trying to help her become more active. If your loved one feels like you're trying to force her to do something or trick her into... Click to Read More

Shingles and Your Elderly Loved One

Elderly Care in Owasso, OK

Elderly-Care-in-Owasso-OKIf your loved one is dealing with shingles, then you're already aware of how painful the situation can be. Shingles can strike at any time, and it's important that you understand what the illness involves and what you can do about it.

What is Shingles?

Shingles is an extremely painful condition that presents as a skin rash. The rash can develop anywhere on the body and it can show up as a small patch or a large patch. The rash can last for as long as a few weeks, and severe cases may involve the individual breaking out in additional rashes before the first outbreak has fully healed. Shingles is caused by the same... Click to Read More

Preparing Yourself to Begin Elderly Care for a Senior with Memory Challenges

Elderly Care in Sapulpa, OK

Elderly-Care-in-Sapulpa-OKRecognizing memory challenges is often one of the first things that prompts many family caregivers to embark on an elderly care journey with their aging parents. Whether it is something mild or a diagnosis with Alzheimer's disease, designing an elderly care plan for a senior with memory challenges has special considerations that go beyond those of a care routine for a senior without these types of challenges. By taking the time to prepare your plan carefully, you can feel confident that your aging loved ones will have everything that they need to live comfortably, safely, happily, and healthily throughout their care journey.Keep these things in mind while preparing yourself to be a family caregiver for your senior with memory challenges:• Cause of the challenges. Before you begin preparing your care plan, you need to understand... Click to Read More

Elderly Care Fun: National Popcorn Popping Month

Elderly Care in Bixby, OK

Elderly Care in Bixby, OKWith all of the serious and sometimes challenging things that you have to contend with in your elderly care plan with your aging parents, adding some fun in whenever possible is a great way to boost everyone's mental and emotional health, support a strong and enjoyable parent-child relationship, and creates valuable memories that you will cherish long after your care relationship comes to an end.This October, have fun with your seniors while enjoying a tasty, healthy treat during National Popcorn Popping Month. Popcorn is a delicious, filling snack that is exceptionally low in calories and fat on its own, and is a great source of whole grain. Highly versatile, it is also a fantastic canvas for a variety of flavorings so you can create a wide array of snacking experiences from... Click to Read More

Elderly Care Recipes: Sweet Treats for Candy Month

Elderly Care in Jenks, OK

Elderly Care in Jenks, OKThere is nothing quite like a piece of candy to make you feel nostalgic for the carefree days of childhood and boost your spirits. Whether it is a gooey chocolate confection or a crunchy fruit-flavored drop, these sweet treats are a delicious special addition to parties and events, or just a little something extra to change up your daily routine. This June, sweeten up your elderly care routine and make giving something special to your aging loved ones even more meaningful by creating homemade confections for Candy Month.What constitutes as candy varies from person to person, but no matter what your definition, these delectable recipes are a fun elderly care activity you can do with your senior parents or for them to do with their referred caregiver. Spread several recipes out throughout... Click to Read More

Keep Elderly Care Organized with a Calendar

Elderly Care in Broken Arrow, OK - An Old-Fashioned Paper Calendar Could Be the Key to Keeping Your Family Caregiving Tasks Organized

Elderly Care in Broken Arrow, OKOrganization is key when it comes to creating your elderly care plan. Especially if you are also caring for children, nurturing your marriage, engaged in social or volunteer activities, and managing a career outside of your family care relationship with your elderly parents, being organized and knowing what to expect is essential for getting everything done when and how it is supposed to be done with as little stress and confusion as possible.While it may seem simple and obvious, one of the most effective and yet commonly-overlooked tool for keeping your elderly care plan organized can be a calendar. While smartphones, tablets, and computers have integrated calendars, using a large paper calendar placed in a... Click to Read More

How Can Universal Design Make Your Senior’s Home More Comfortable?

Elderly Care in Tulsa, OK - Try this Intuitive Design Technique to Adapt Your Elderly Loved One's Home to their Changing Abilities

Elderly Care in Tulsa, OKMany Americans wish to continue living in their home as they age. However, many houses don’t make home care for the elderly very easy. There may be stairs, narrow walkways and a laundry room in the basement, making daily life quite tasking. However, with some renovations, you can adapt your loved one’s home through a principle called universal design.7 Elements of Universal Design
  • Equitable Use
  • Flexibility in Use
  • Simple and Intuitive Use
  • Perceptible Information
  • Tolerance for Error
  • Low Physical Effort
  • Size and Space for Approach and Use
The First StepsCheck with the National Association of Homebuilders to find a contractor who specializes in home adaption. There is a database of professionals to choose from.It might also be wise to consult with a senior care specialist or... Click to Read More
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