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The Joy, and Benefits, of Reading

Home Care in Sapulpa OK

Home Care in Sapulpa OKMany seniors enjoy reading – perhaps not all, but it’s a safe bet that many do. After all, they grew up in a time when there wasn’t much besides reading, basic TV and the radio. Some didn’t even have that much. Modern-day pleasures (or distractions, depending on one’s point of view) like the Internet, social media, reality TV, etc. were just not part of their lives in the 1960s and earlier. But reading is so much more than a hobby. It can actually be a health benefit.Reading requires the use of hands, eyes and the brain simultaneously. So it helps to improve and strengthen a person’s cognitive skills, much in the same way as doing crossword puzzles, Sudoku, or other word games or puzzles. In 2009 the American Association of Neurology conducted a study... Click to Read More

Preparing Your Loved One for a Doctor’s Appointment About His Heart

Home Care in Bixby OK

Home Care in Bixby OKYour loved one's heart is an important part of his health, and if you suspect that he's having heart trouble or is at risk for a heart attack, then it's time to make an appointment with his doctor. Once you do, though, there are some things that you need to do in order to prepare for the appointment.Keep Restrictions Before the Appointment in MindWhen you make the appointment for your loved one, his doctor's office should let you know about any restrictions, like fasting, your loved one needs to conform to before the appointment. If there is fasting involved, it's a good idea to make the appointment as early in the day as possible. That way your loved one doesn't have to go too long without his favorite coffee or a strong breakfast.Make... Click to Read More

Try a New Food – Butternut Squash

Home Care in Jenks OK

Home Care in Jenks OKIt can be difficult in the winter to find delicious produce that is fresh and in season. Thankfully, there are many types of vegetables that store well so that they remain fresh long after their harvest date. One example of this type of vegetable is the butternut squash. Sweet, starchy, and brilliantly colored, the butternut squash is a perfect addition to an elderly adult’s healthy diet. Butternuts are nutrient dense and versatile, making them the perfect food to incorporate into your cooking routine during the dreary days of winter when meals tend to lack excitement. For elderly adults and their caregivers who are new to the butternut squash, read on for some useful information about its health benefits and some ways to prepare it.Health Benefits of Butternut Squash:Butternuts are very rich in... Click to Read More

Home Care Tips: Getting Active and Healthy with Dance

Home Care in Broken Arrow, OK

Home Care in Broken Arrow OKHave you ever had the radio playing in the background while you were doing chores around the house, heard your favorite song come on, and had the compulsion to stop what you were doing and dance? If you are on a home care journey with your aging loved ones, the next time that urge hits you, you might not want to fight it. According to a study by the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, dance may be the single best form of physical activity for you to do with aging adults to give them both physical and cognitive benefits.The study, which spanned 21 years and compared a variety of different exercise options, showed that frequent dancing had the capacity to offer seniors truly amazing benefits, including a 76 percent reduction... Click to Read More

Family Caregiver Recipes: Breakfast Lasagna

Home Care in Tulsa, OK

Home-Care-in-Tulsa-OKBeing a family caregiver often means always being on the run and feeling like you do not get a chance to stop until the end of the day. Making sure that you eat a well-balanced, nutrition-packed breakfast is essential on these busy days to give you the energy that you need to power you through all of the challenges that you are going to face throughout the day, and help keep your mind clear and your body strong so that you can be the best you can at everything that you need to do.This recipe takes the crowd favorite dinner of lasagna and puts a breakfast spin on it. Packed with protein, vitamins, and fiber, this tasty dish will give you what you need to get you through any day in your care schedule. It... Click to Read More

Home Care Fun: National Frankenstein Day

Home Care in Coweta, OK

Home-Care-in-Coweta-OKStarting a home care arrangement for your aging loved ones is a fantastic way to support their mental and emotional health and well-being throughout their later years. Having a referred caregiver in the home with them provides a broader range of social interaction and mental stimulation while also encouraging them to stay more physically active so that they can enjoy the highest quality of life possible.This October 30th, encourage your aging loved ones to get a little spooky with their activities and have some seasonal fun celebrating one of the classic tales of horror on Frankenstein Friday.Share these ideas with your parents and their referred caregiver so that they can create a fun Frankenstein Friday celebration that will create memories while also supporting their care goals:• Book club. Of course, no holiday celebrating the delightfully... Click to Read More

Family Caregiver Tips: Home Safety for Seniors with Dementia

Home Care Services in Jenks, OK

Home-Care-Services-in-Jenks-OKHome safety is an important concept for all family caregivers of elderly adults, but if you are caring for seniors with Alzheimer's disease or another form of dementia, these considerations take on an even greater importance. Seniors coping with the cognitive effects of dementia, including memory loss, cognitive processing limitations, critical thinking loss, confusion, wandering tendencies, or difficulty making decisions can be put in very dangerous situations that would not be a hazard for other seniors not coping with these cognitive issues. By focusing on creating a safer and more secure environment, you can foster a greater sense of security and control while encouraging independence and autonomy throughout the progression of the disease.Use these tips, and share them with other members of your parents' care team, to create a home that is safer... Click to Read More

Senior Care Fun: Miniature Golf Day

Homecare in Broken Arrow, OK

senior couple playing mini golfGetting out and having fun with your elderly loved ones enhances your relationship with them and is a fantastic way to add extra physical activity and mental stimulation to your senior care routine. By choosing a wide variety of activities and changing up your adventures on a regular basis, you avoid boredom and encourage your parents to get excited and stay active, engaged, and enjoying their later years.On September 21, bring your aging parents, their referred caregiver, and even your partner and children out for a day of fun, physical activity, and memory-building by celebrating Miniature Golf Day.A popular activity since the early 1900s when the idea of a smaller golf course was borrowed from Scotland and brought over to the United States, miniature golf is an accessible and enjoyable game... Click to Read More

Home Care Tips: Combating Arthritis Pain this Autumn

Home Care in Catoosa, OK

Home-care-Catoosa-OKIf you are like many family caregivers, your aging loved ones suffer from arthritis that causes stiffness, diminished range of motion, and even pain in their joints. While some people only deal with minor arthritis that just causes discomfort but does not get in the way of them living their normal lives, others suffer more severe cases of arthritis that cause serious pain, reduced function, and greatly diminished quality of life. This becomes a particular problem during the fall when the weather becomes cool and damp.Though there are many different types of arthritis and each has its own set of symptoms that seniors experience differently, the most common symptoms of arthritis include:• Stiffness and pain in the joints• Restricted joint movement• Muscle weakness• Inflammation in the joints• Redness of the skin around the jointsFortunately, there are... Click to Read More

Encouraging Independent Decision Making for Seniors

Homecare in Tulsa, OK

Homecare in Tulsa, OKIndependence and autonomy are extremely important concepts to adults. Feeling like they have control over their own lives and their quality of life is essential to maintaining their mental and emotional health, as well as giving them the drive and motivation to support their ongoing physical health. For many elderly adults, the changes that come along with aging makes it more difficult, or even impossible, to live independently and to continue to have complete control over their own lives. This does not mean, however, that you should take away all control or not encourage them to make decisions for themselves. By supporting your seniors' desire to stay in control of their lives even through the simplest of daily decisions you can help them to feel less disconnected, reduce anxiety, ward off feelings of depression and... Click to Read More
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