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Senior Care Recipes: Sweet Potato Latkes

Senior Care in Bixby OK

Senior Care in Bixby OKThe primary goal of any meal in your senior care routine is to provide your elderly parent with the nutrition that they need to stay strong and healthy. There are other benefits, however, to getting in the kitchen with them and preparing meals and snacks together. This is an opportunity for you to stimulate their minds, trigger their memories, and foster conversation, sharing, and a stronger bond. This is especially true when you prepare meals that are nostalgic or that remind your parent of other special times in their lives.This recipe is for a delicious and unexpected twist on the classic potato latke. Traditionally eaten during certain Jewish holidays, latkes are also seen in other cultural cuisines. The classic recipe calls for simple white potatoes, but this version shakes things up by using sweet... Click to Read More

The True Risks that Falls Pose in Your Elderly Care Routine

Senior Care in Jenks OK

Senior Care in Jenks OKYou might not think too much about tripping over your shoelaces and stumbling, or slipping on a patch of ice and taking a tumble, but these seemingly minor situations can be devastating for a senior. The truth is that falls are one of the greatest risks that you will face in your elderly care journey with your aging parent. These accidents can have lasting and severe consequences for your senior that can diminish her quality of life and even put her life at risk.Some things that you should know about fall risk include:• Approximately 30 percent of the population of adults over the age of 64 will fall each year. This accounts for millions of adults• More than 2 and a half million of these falls will result in injuries severe enough to... Click to Read More

Is Your Loved One at Risk for a Stroke?

Senior Care in Broken Arrow OK

Senior Care in Broken Arrow OKFor many elderly loved ones, the idea of having a stroke is incredibly frightening. It can mean losing independence or even having to deal with constant health issues from then on. The more you know about strokes the more you can do to help prevent one in your elderly loved one.What is a Stroke?A stroke is an interruption to the blood flow in your loved one's brain. This can happen for a variety of reasons, but without constant blood flow, the cells in your loved one's brain start to die off. Some strokes are considered mild because they affect only a small part of your loved one's brain. Other strokes are more serious because there is more damage to the blood vessels in the brain or a larger area of... Click to Read More

Senior Care Observances: Financial Wellness Month

Senior Care in Tulsa, OK

Senior-Care-in-Tulsa-OKWhen you started your senior care journey with your elderly loved ones, your first thoughts were likely about how you were going to handle the needs that compelled you to start your relationship, such as their growing medical concerns, mobility or cognitive limitations, or just sudden lifestyle changes such as the death of a partner. What you may not have immediately thought about was the financial implications of entering this type of relationship with your seniors and what it would mean for their finances and your own throughout the course of your care journey with them.January is Financial Wellness Month, the perfect opportunity for you to plan ahead for the financial needs of the new year and ensure that you are on stable footing so that you can make the most of your care efforts while still... Click to Read More

4 Specific Exercises for Arthritis Sufferers

Senior Care in Coweta, OK

Senior-Care-in-Coweta-OKMaybe your loved one's doctor has recommended exercise to help her with her arthritis, but you're just not sure what to try. As a family caregiver, sometimes there are too many choices. If your loved one isn't already exercising regularly, it's best to start out with something simple so that she can work her way up to more complex activities.WalkingWalking is one of the easiest exercises for anyone, including your elderly loved one, to start doing. It doesn't require any special equipment at all and it's something that people of any fitness level can do well. Walking gets your loved one's blood moving and it also helps to build muscles. It's something that your loved one can do slowly to start with and for only a few minutes at a time.Anything in a PoolWhether your loved one... Click to Read More

Senior Care Safety: Responding After a Fall

Senior Care in Catoosa, OK

Senior-Care-in-Catoosa-OKEach year millions of aging adults end up in the emergency room after suffering a fall. Many of these seniors sustain severe injuries that make a tremendous negative impact on their health, well-being, activity level, and future quality of life. The frequency of falls among senior adults is explained by greater instance of balance issues, weaker muscles and joints that can make falling more common and instance of injuries after such falls greater, and mobility issues that make it more common for seniors to trip or slip. This makes fall prevention an important element of any senior care plan.Even with the most attentive and dedicated preventive measures, however, your elderly loved ones may still experience a fall. Whether it is a tumble down the stairs, a trip over a loose edge of the rug, or a... Click to Read More

Senior Care Recipes: Satisfying Dinner for National Lasagna Day

Senior Care in Glenpool, OK

Senior Care in Glenpool, OKServing wholesome and delicious dinners is one of the most important parts of your senior care plan. Giving your aging loved ones satisfying, comforting meals that give their bodies the nutrition they need to stay strong and healthy shows your love and helps them to maintain their highest quality of life. On July 29, celebrate one of the most traditional family dinners around by cooking up a big batch of lasagna on National Lasagna Day.Whether you are serving it hot fresh out of the oven or cooking up a triple batch so that you can freeze some for your parent's referred caregiver to heat up for meals later in the week, lasagna is a crowd-pleasing meal that is satisfying, tasty, and features several food groups so all you need to do is serve... Click to Read More

Senior Care Tips: Snoring Solutions for a Better Night’s Sleep

Senior Care in Sand Springs, OK

Senior Care in Sand Springs, OKGetting enough sleep is an essential part of an effective senior care plan, both for you and for your elderly loved ones. If there is a snorer in your household, however, you might be missing out on some of those precious hours of sleep. Each time snoring disturbs you, your body misses out on the opportunity to get the deep, truly restful sleep of REM cycles. If you or your partner snore and keep each other up at night, or one of your elderly loved ones snores and keeps them both from getting high-quality sleep, finding ways to get rid of the snoring can produce better sleep, less exhausted days, and improved physical and mental health.Try some of these tips to help solve snoring problems for you or your aging... Click to Read More

Senior Care Tips: Managing Sundowners with Your Elderly Parents

Senior Care in Owasso, OK

Senior Care in Owasso, OKWhen your senior care plan includes taking care of an elderly parent with Alzheimer's disease or another form of dementia, you become accustomed to change and managing unusual or stressful behaviors. One of the changes that can tax even the most experienced of family caregivers, however, is the onset of Sundowners. This condition, sometimes referred to as Sundowning can be extremely difficult for the senior as well as caregivers. For many, it represents long, difficult evenings and stressful, sometimes sleepless nights. By understanding this condition and finding ways to manage it, you can make your senior care efforts for your elderly parents more effective and your life easier.The effects of Sundowners usually start to appear around twilight and can continue throughout the night. Though there is no real explanation as to... Click to Read More

Compassionate Family Caregiver: Easing the Pain during Worldwide Bereaved Spouses Awareness Month

Senior Care in Sapulpa, OK - April is Worldwide Bereaved Spouses Awareness Month

Senior Care in Sapulpa, OKThe thought of losing your elderly mother or father is probably the last thing you want on your mind while going through your family care tasks, but as a family caregiver for aging adults, the concept of loss is always a reality. Part of your responsibility as a loving and compassionate caregiver is giving your elderly parents the highest quality of life possible and helping them through their end-of-life transition in a way that is dignified, supportive, and in keeping with their personal beliefs and wishes.As difficult as it is for you to cope with the idea of losing one of your parents, the burden of losing a spouse is even greater. While your parents deal with their own issues related to aging and face the... Click to Read More
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