Home Care in Sapulpa OK: The Joy, and Benefits, of Reading

The Joy, and Benefits, of Reading

Home Care in Sapulpa OK

Home Care in Sapulpa OKMany seniors enjoy reading – perhaps not all, but it’s a safe bet that many do. After all, they grew up in a time when there wasn’t much besides reading, basic TV and the radio. Some didn’t even have that much. Modern-day pleasures (or distractions, depending on one’s point of view) like the Internet, social media, reality TV, etc. were just not part of their lives in the 1960s and earlier. But reading is so much more than a hobby. It can actually be a health benefit.

Reading requires the use of hands, eyes and the brain simultaneously. So it helps to improve and strengthen a person’s cognitive skills, much in the same way as doing crossword puzzles, Sudoku, or other word games or puzzles. In 2009 the American Association of Neurology conducted a study which showed that seniors who regularly participated in activities like reading, had between a 30 and 50 percent less chance of developing memory loss issues, when compared to those who didn’t. One’s mental or emotional health can also be enhanced because reading allows the elderly to connect with people and places in the story—whether fictional of non-fictional—and focus on other situations, rather than their own, at least for a time being. Reading is also a fantastic way to increase their knowledge and relieve stress.

You may know seniors who want to continue reading despite failing eyesight. Should the senior in your life get home care provided to them, perhaps you or that person could encourage them to see their eye doctor to make sure they have the proper eyeglasses for reading, even in low light situations. If their vision has decreased to a point where it’s still difficult for them to read, there are large print sized books available. There are also books on tape, or they can be read to. Any of these options will afford them most of the same health benefits as if they were reading themselves. There are also books clubs or reading clubs that seniors can join, giving them the opportunity for not only improving their own health, but developing social connections, as well. If your senior is homebound or recuperating from an illness or surgery, there are online book clubs that can be joined.

Seniors who enjoy reading often have different things they like to read. Some may enjoy books, while others may prefer newspapers or magazines. Those are excellent choices, too because, in addition to the health benefits already explained, these are ways for them to stay up on news and other current events.

Finally, there are several products on the market today that help make reading for seniors easier: Things like small lights that clip on books to illuminate the pages for easier reading, all the way to high-tech, more expensive technology that uses a camera to magnify text and objects onto a computer monitor or TV screen for easier viewing.

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