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Posts from 2016

  • Is Your Elderly Loved One’s Bathroom Still Safe Enough for Her to Use on Her Own? Home Care in Shrewsbury CT As your loved one grows older, it’s natural to worry more about her safety while performing seemingly normal daily tasks. One room that you might be concerned about first is the bathroom because it’s a room that your elderly loved one can be ... Continue Reading
  • Is Your Elderly Loved One at Risk of Poisoning? Elderly Care in Winchester MA For many people, the first thing that comes to mind when they think of poisoning is intentionally administering a poison such as arsenic or a potentially lethal substance such as antifreeze to another person. While this does happen, this does ... Continue Reading
  • 10 Questions to Ask Your Parent During What Will Be Your Legacy Month Elder Care in Westborough MA August is What Will Be Your Legacy Month. As a family caregiver this is a fantastic time for you to connect with your aging parent and have meaningful conversations with them that you can carry with you for years to come. Leaving a legacy is an ... Continue Reading
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