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Visit an Elderly Loved One on National Shut-in Visitation Day

Elderly Care in Shrewsbury MA

Caretaker and Elderly ManThis February 11th, just a few days shy of Valentine’s Day, is the observation of National Shut-in Visitation Day. This is a wonderful day to make a big impact in the lives of homebound seniors across the nation.

What is a Shut-In?

While the name doesn’t exactly have a positive ring to it, a shut-in is someone who is confined indoors due to a mental or physical illness. They are unable to drive, have limited mobility, and may even be confined to a bed.

Basically, their health prevents them from doing all the things they use to do with the ease of youth and good health.
People are more prone to being shut-ins during older age when the body starts to decline and illness or injury causes them to remain confined indoors for most, if not all, of their time. This is an adjustment that shut-ins are sometimes thrust into or which gradually come into being. Either way, everyone responds to this adjustment differently.

What is a Common Effect of Being a Shut-In?

Elderly persons who are confined to their home are dependent on others coming to them. In this case, family caregivers and/or senior care providers may be the only people a shut-in sees on a day-to-day basis outside of doctor appointments. This human contact is what will keep a shut-in in good spirits during this difficult time in their lives when they may feel lonely and isolated.

How to Help a Shut-In

Visiting an elderly loved one on National Shut-In Visitation Day will make a big difference in this person’s day. Perhaps an aging parent has friends that are shut-ins but who do not have the same kind of support. Visit these people as well. That fact that February 11 falls on a Saturday means the entire day can be put aside to visiting elderly persons who are confined to their homes.

Make a Plan Early

Now is the time to start planning out the day for Shut-In Visitation Day. To start off, get others involved by bringing awareness to the day on social media. Inspire others and exchange ideas on how to make the most of the day. Consider bringing flowers or a delicious meal or something the person being visited would really enjoy. Bring a book you could read aloud or a radio broadcast that you can listen to and talk about. The ideas are really endless.

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