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How Can You Make Time Spent With Your Elderly Loved One Productive as Well?

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Young and elderly women cooking With so few hours in every day, you likely feel rushed. When you want to spend time with your elderly loved one, you might have to consider fitting in time together as part of another activity that gets something done as well. There are easy ways to accomplish this goal while not feeling as though you’re shortchanging your loved one.

Cook Together

Cooking with your elderly loved one is an excellent way to not only spend time together, but to accomplish something that needs doing as well. You might want to learn old family recipes, for example, or you might want to make sure that your loved one’s freezer is simply full of healthy meals that she needs only to defrost.

Plan Meals Together

When your elderly loved one is on a strict diet, it’s not always easy for her to decide what she wants to eat that week or even that day. If you can sit down together and work through meal planning as a team, it’s a lot easier to get that task done. It’s also a good way for you to be sure that your loved one is eating right.

Run Errands

Your loved one may not be at the point where she is unable to run her own errands, but maybe you’d feel better knowing that she’s not alone. It’s also nice to have company when you’re taking care of mundane tasks. Make it a point to share errands with your loved one and you’ll both have a great time.

Take Her to Appointments

It’s possible that your loved one is constantly seeing one professional or another. Make it a point to take her to as many of her appointments as you can. You can be there for her as a support system and you can make it an opportunity to grab lunch or a cup of coffee together.

Tackle a List of Tasks at Home

Most people, your elderly loved one included, have a ton of tasks that need doing at home. In your loved one’s case, she may have trouble doing these tasks on her own. If you’re there to help, she knows the tasks are taken care of and you can spend time together as well.

A non-medical caregiver can help her with some of these tasks, too, but you might want to save some of them to do with your loved one as your special activity.

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