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Posts from 2022

  • Everyone needs friends. It’s time to get social - especially our senior loved ones! It’s only natural that as we age, the social circle you once counted on might dwindle and opportunities to be around others might not happen as often. Elder friends and relatives are more likely to get sick or have other health issues that make it problematic to visit or ... Continue Reading
  • Parkinson’s 101: Your home care helper can fill in the blanks. If you have an aging loved one with Parkinson’s in your family, you’ve seen firsthand the effects this disease can have on someone. Symptoms ranging from rigid movements to poor balance to tremors can make caring for a loved one at home challenging, especially since ... Continue Reading
  • Summer has arrived. Keep your senior loved one active with warmer weather. The long gloomy days of winter are quickly becoming a thing of the past. For many, summer weather filled with sunshine, warmer days, and fun outdoor activities, is long overdue. The timing couldn’t be better since the cold dark days of winter can make it easier for feelings ... Continue Reading
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