Senior Scams & How To Protect Yourself

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It’s a harsh reality in today’s world that seniors become prey of the ill-intentioned.  Because they are often perceived as unaware of life outside their home and family, many seniors often become targets for various scams.  While anyone can fall victim to these crimes, women over the age of 80 are twice as likely to fall prey to these crimes as their male counterparts.   These scammers are tricky and use a multitude of various scams including sweepstakes scam, Medicare scams, credit card fraud, online scams, and investment schemes.... Click to Read More

An Afterlife Encounter with Mom

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Several years ago when I first started speaking, I got a call from a meeting planner two days before my full-day workshop. She said, “We have the projector and screen all set up and ready for your presentation.” I panicked. I hadn’t planned on using slides, and instead of saying, “I won’t need it,” I decided I had to rebuild my entire program. I worked on it all that afternoon and during my flight the next day. The minute I checked into the hotel, I got busy editing, improving,... Click to Read More

Medicaid Expansion and Its Significance for Seniors

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When most people think of health care coverage for seniors, Medicare comes to mind. But thanks to the Affordable Care Act, Medicaid has grown to play a pivotal role in how our aging population pays for health care services. Under the ACA’s Medicaid expansion provision, eligibility is expanded to those with annual incomes of up to 138% of the federal poverty level ($16,394 for an individual in 2016). As a result, quality health care coverage is afforded to more low-income, uninsured Americans —  including seniors. Why... Click to Read More

New Laws May Help Adults with Disabilities Receive Better Care

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Too many people are forced to face the heartbreaking choice of having their disabled loved one placed in a care institution, or keeping them at home and facing considerable expenses not covered by insurance. And too often, the end result of these decisions is financial hardship, split families, and substantial losses for local communities. But all of that may change with the Disability Integration Act, new legislation that’s being sponsored by Charles Schumer, a Senator from New York. What’s the Disability Integration Act? In short, the Disability Integration Act would... Click to Read More

Community Activities for Seniors

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Staying active can help keep a person healthy in mind, body, and spirit. Most seniors aren’t strangers to having time on their hands, and community activities provide more than entertainment -- they offer an opportunity to socialize, remain active, and enjoy life. And senior entertainment doesn’t just mean bingo halls and local sports games. With the right direction, it’s possible to find an entire year packed with interesting activities and events perfect for seniors. Local Senior Activities and Outings It has become increasingly common for universities and other places of... Click to Read More

How to Help an Elderly Family Member Deal with Depression

Senior Man With Depression
Elderly adults are at high risk for depression, and have traditionally been underserved by counselors and therapists, despite having the highest suicide rate in the country. Many seniors resist seeking help for mental health issues because they don’t want to appear burdensome to their families, or refuse treatment because of the stigmas associated with mental health disorders, or have incorrect perceptions about counseling. As family members enter their senior years, it’s important to understand that depression is not a normal sign of aging, and as such, seniors need just... Click to Read More

What Does the UV Index Mean for Senior Skin Safety?

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Ah, summertime. This is the season most of us look forward to all year. But the summer months are also ones that put our seniors at higher risk for a heat-related medical emergency. From sun poisoning to hypothermia (also known as heat stroke), it is important for caregivers to know how to identify when the UV index might be too dangerous for an older loved one to venture outdoors. What is the UV Index? While many of us have heard the term “UV Index,” few of us really know what... Click to Read More

What You Should Know About Caring for Older Veterans

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Compared to their civilian counterparts, senior citizens who served in the military are at higher risk for a wide range of significant health problems. And in deference to their service, many of these seniors have access to veteran programs to accommodate their special needs. If you care for an older veteran, there are a few things you ought to know: Vets Risk for Suicide The Department of Veterans Affairs estimates that 22 veterans commit suicide every day. In fact, the rate of suicide among seniors is nearly twice as high... Click to Read More

Tips for Balancing Time & Finances for the Sandwich Generation

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Split between taking care of elderly parents and raising their children, the Sandwich Generation walks a tightrope of balancing finite money and time. In the wake of the recession, many of these people are working longer hours to pay for care, or fewer hours to provide care, which can make finding balance in their lives that much more challenging. Thankfully, for the hardworking people who strive to strike that balance, there are more than a few things you can try to help you achieve balance between all your... Click to Read More

3 Reasons Why Seniors are Getting Divorced

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The website reports that nearly a quarter of all divorces today are among adults aged 50+. That number has doubled from what it was just 20 years ago. This phenomenon is being called “gray divorce.” The stigmas that forced previous generations to stay together are giving way to the narrative that allows individuals to be happy, even if it is outside of matrimony. There’s also the unfortunate reality that senior finances and marriage don’t always align, requiring divorce in some cases. Understanding the reasons behind senior citizen... Click to Read More