What’s the Difference Between Occupational Therapy & Physical Therapy?

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If you or an older adult you love has had surgery or is in the process of recovering from a serious illness, your physician might recommend therapy services. Physical therapy and occupational therapy are often a critical part of a rehabilitation plan. While people often use the two terms interchangeably, they really are separate forms of treatment that focus on different goals. Physical Therapy Goals and Treatments Physical therapy focuses on treating the physical impairment that resulted from the illness or injury. For example, if an older adult experienced a... Click to Read More

3 Smart Ways to Arrange Breaks from Family Caregiving

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Caring for an aging loved one who needs help is a major undertaking. Balancing this responsibility with other areas of your life, such as work, makes the job even tougher. (It’s estimated that nearly 60 percent of family caregivers are juggling caregiving with work outside of the home). As a caregiver, it’s crucial to take breaks in order to keep from burning out and jeopardizing your own health, If you’re exhausted from caregiving, here are some ways you can give yourself a break while ensuring your loved one... Click to Read More

Caring for Yourself While Caring for Difficult Parents

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I spoke at a Caregivers’ Conference in Bellingham, Washington recently. As always, I met wonderful people and had some fascinating conversations with family caregivers. There were three in particular that stood out in my mind. Marsha*, a woman in her mid-thirties, has been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). She is caring for her father who has never been kind, supportive or appreciative of anything she’s done. Her father demeans her by referring to her PTSD as her "nervous little tick." Tammi*, a petite attractive blonde, appeared to... Click to Read More

Is Sleep Our Savior?: The Latest Research on Sleep & Alzheimer’s

If you haven’t heard about the groundbreaking study on Alzheimer’s from the University of California, Berkeley, prepare to be shocked. The study found a connection between disrupted NREM sleep and a buildup of beta-amyloid proteins, which are believed to be linked to Alzheimer’s. The finding implies that poor quality of sleep could be one of the contributing factors to Alzheimer’s. Here’s another piece of the excitement: we KNOW a fair amount about sleep, so we aren’t entering uncharted territory. We know that... Click to Read More

Senior Arcades: A Rising Trend?

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When you think about an arcade, your mom and dad probably aren’t the first people to come to mind -- but that might be a mistake. In Japan, as younger players have turned their attention towards the generation of smartphone games and consoles that they have in their homes, arcade owners have begun to focus on developing an older generation of clientele. And for many seniors, these arcades have proven to have considerable therapeutic value. But what exactly are senior arcades and what can they offer? ... Click to Read More

Why Are Seniors Dealing with Credit Card Debt?

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In the recent past, millions of Americans could enter retirement not just owning their own homes, but doing so without the burden of serious debts. For many seniors, the long term impact of recent economic turmoil has changed that. According to data from the Federal Reserve, average senior debt is up 83% since 2001, placing the average debt-holder more than $50,000 under. Like you might expect, no small part of that debt is made up in mortgages. Many people took the easily available credit of the last decade to... Click to Read More

Seniors Behaving Badly: Who Decides What is Age-Appropriate Behavior?

Robert DeNiro has been popping up a lot in movie theatres as of late. Throughout his career, he’s played everything from an angry taxi driver, a volatile boxer, mobsters, and many more roles. Most recently, DeNiro still plays a variety of roles, however, at the age of 72, he’s invariably cast as a widower or retiree. The actor received high praise for his role in the 2015 film, The Intern. The film sent a positive message about hiring seniors in the workplace and DeNiro portrayed a classy "man of... Click to Read More

Feeling Tired? 3 Ways Seniors Can Boost Energy

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There are days when it seems that you are full of energy and can go all day; and others when you feel exhausted and can barely convince yourself to get out of the house. An easy explanation for the loss of energy would be to blame your age for this fatigue. While it is true that we won’t have the same energy as when we were 21, it is usually much more than this. It can be related to your diet, to your activity levels and of course,... Click to Read More

Accessories to Make Life Easier for People with Cerebral Palsy

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Living with cerebral palsy can be hard enough without taking on any extra challenges. But with the right help, those problems are far from insurmountable. No matter how your loved one’s symptoms may manifest, there are a number of useful accessories that you can use to make living with cerebral palsy a little bit simpler. Here are a few different types of tools available to those with cerebral palsy and how they can help make life a little easier.  Managing Cerebral Palsy Typically diagnosed during early childhood,... Click to Read More

The Growing Need for Senior Social Workers

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It’s no secret that the demographic makeup of the U.S. population is shifting. Aging experts say that by the year 2030, for the first time in our nation’s history, adults over the age of 65 will outnumber the younger generation. Estimates believe the number of seniors will climb to almost 70 million. From greater demands on our health care system to an increased need for safer senior-friendly housing options, the greying of America is creating new and unique challenges. Among them is the need for senior social workers to... Click to Read More