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  • Walking for the Elderly: Health Benefits Taking a walk each day has enormous health benefits for everyone and it is especially good for seniors. Walking for seniors is a great way to stay active without doing strenuous exercises. Benefits of Walking for Seniors So just how beneficial is walking for senior citizens? ... Continue Reading
  • Dancing Benefits for Seniors You probably already know how important it is for seniors to stay active - physically, mentally, and socially. Seniors who sit at home alone tend to feel isolated, become depressed, and can also suffer from physical ailments due to lack of movement. One way for seniors to ... Continue Reading
  • Walking Safety Tips for Seniors Walking Safety Tips for Seniors We all know we should be exercising more. The benefits of walking for older adults can help with weight control and contribute to overall fitness and good health. If you live in a community that caters to people ages 55 and over, elderly ... Continue Reading
  • Nordic Pole Walking for Seniors: Health Benefits You don’t need snow to go cross-country skiing. As a matter of fact, you can do it on trails or sidewalks in your own neighborhood by using walking poles. This exercise, known as Nordic pole walking, is a vigorous muscle workout for your arms, shoulders, core, and legs and ... Continue Reading
  • Benefits of Rebounding for Seniors Mini trampolines, or rebounders, have become increasingly popular over the years, especially with seniors. The low-impact exercises are easy to perform and provide numerous benefits for overall well-being. Before you embark on a quest for the best rebounder for seniors, ... Continue Reading
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