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  • Summertime Safety Guide for Seniors Summer is the perfect time to unwind and connect with those closest to you. Basking in the sun's rays can do wonders for your overall well-being, both physically and mentally. During the warmer months, many older adults feel more motivated to stay active and social. However, ... Continue Reading
  • Senior Foot Care: How to Keep Feet Healthy as you Age Foot care for older adults can often be forgotten due to a growing laundry list of demanding responsibilities. However, foot care for the elderly should be just as much a part of any caregiving routine. In this post, we will review the importance of foot care in elderly, ... Continue Reading
  • Symptoms of Protein Deficiency in Elderly Adults When it comes to protein, elderly adults need to ensure they get the right amount of it. Protein helps older adults build and maintain muscle mass while also helping to heal wounds and fight diseases. In this post, we will review elderly protein needs, the dangers of low ... Continue Reading
  • Causes of Morning Nausea in the Elderly Morning nausea in elderly women is a common complaint - and (quick word of advice) none of them find it funny when a family member jokingly asks if they might be pregnant. Nausea is not fun at any time of day, but it can be particularly miserable to wake up that way every ... Continue Reading
  • RSV in Elderly Adults: Is It Dangerous? You’ve probably heard or seen on the news that the spread of RSV is particularly bad this year. RSV, or Respiratory Syncytial Virus Infection, is generally known as a virus that affects young children. But lately, more and more adults and seniors are being hospitalized with ... Continue Reading
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